Moms, Put on the Swimsuit!

IMG_4900Below is the link to a great article circulating around social media about moms getting in their swimsuits and playing with their kids in the pool. I love what this mom says about it. We have all been there….embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in public. But we are missing out on special memories and moments with our kids.

Moms, Put on the Swimsuit!

And if you are a mom who would like to get in the pool, but hasn’t had luck finding a swimsuit, check this one out. This is the third year I have ordered this same swimsuit. It is very flattering and forgiving of the “mom shape” that can happen after having a baby. Seriously, I wore it a few weeks after having a baby and it looked pretty good.

Catalina swimsuit from Flattering and comfortable.

Catalina swimsuit from Flattering and comfortable. Also comes in plus sizes. Yay!