Baby Swims Across Pool

After being in ISR lessons, Elizabeth still loved being in the pool. She wouldn’t let a day pass without going to the pool to “go swimeen!”

She started pushing the amount of time she would swim before flipping over to take a breath. This is a big no-no in ISR and her teacher, Ilise, would have called us in for refresher lessons had she known.

Then one day, this happened:

I was not present at this current swimming trip. My husband lets Elizabeth do more daring things than I do. She sure surprised him that time! We posted the video on YouTube so we could send it to our family members who live far away.

A year later, the video caught media attention and rapidly got people talking. The number 1 comment? Whoa! That’s amazing! That baby just swam across the pool!

We credit the intense ISR training and her love of the water for Elizabeth’s success. You can read more about Elizabeth’s experience with ISR lessons HERE.

There were quite a few people concerned for her safety. In the video, my husband was not in the pool and she looked very much alone. He said he was in the pool before, but he had wanted to stay on deck that time because she was starting to swim farther and it was faster to get to her by running across the deck and jumping in.

PoolSafety v2Whether or not the “lifeguard” approach was the best choice, it does bring up a good point…ALWAYS WATCH YOUR KIDS AROUND WATER. That  includes any body of water more than 2 inches deep. It doesn’t take much water or much time for drowning to occur. Bathtubs, backyard kiddie pools, buckets, ditches, streams, and neighbors’ pools are all risks to an unsupervised child.

My husband, experienced in search and rescue efforts, has a rule. If you are searching for a child, immediately go to the water (backyard pool, tub, etc.images). Children seem to be attracted to water like magnets, and if they are in trouble in the water, the sooner you get to them, the better.

So be safe. Always supervise your children around water and help them learn what to do if they ever get into trouble in the water.



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