Who I Am and Why I Started This Blog


I am Amanda. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ where swimming is the only outdoor summer activity that makes sense in that kind of heat. I could swim before I could walk, thanks to a diligent mother who indulged my love of the water. Every summer, my siblings and I progressed through the different Learn to Swim lessons and eventually I joined swim team, became a lifeguard, got certified to teach swim lessons, and coached swim team.

Out of all that experience, my favorite was teaching the children their first swim lessons. By using games and making the water fun, most children lost their insecurity around the water and learned how to safely enjoy being in the pool. I noticed that the children who had mothers who played with them in the pool, outside of swim lessons, took to the water like fish. It got me thinking. I came up with a huge to-do list for when I had kids.

Fast forward 10 years. It turns out teaching my own children was different that I expected.


As a new mom, I started noticing that when my baby would reach a certain developmental milestone, I could introduce a new way to interact with the water. “Teaching” the skill at that sensitive moment allowed baby to really grasp the “concept” and experience water with his newfound skills.

For example, when baby gets confident pulling up to stand, that is the perfect opportunity to introduce the “wall hang” in the pool. A baby with those skills can comfortably hold onto the wall and keep his head above the water. Because he is focusing on the skill of pulling up on things, pulling up on the wall fits right in and he is more likely to succeed.

So here are a few experiences and ideas I have jotted down to help other mothers teach their children to be comfortable and confident in the water. Thanks for visiting!